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Bound to Have a Little Fun Oil on Canvas Paula McHugh
Old-time is a term given to traditional American music played on the fiddle, banjo, guitar, and dulcimer. It is a lively and informal music that is learned by ear and that has been passed down faithfully through the generations from the earliest days of the Republic to our own time. It weaves together the musical legacy of immigrants from Europe and slaves from Africa. My husband and I are both old-time musicians and late one evening at a festival we were sitting in a circle in the middle of a field playing the old tunes with friends. We played Red-Haired Boy and the Arkansas Traveler; Elzic’s Farewell and the Forked Deer, the notes like bright sparks from a fire swirling upward into the dark sky to set the stars dancing. Suddenly my mind was filled with vivid images from an earlier time that touched my soul. These are the paintings drawn from that inspiration.

Paula McHugh
2017 Calendar
2017 Calendar now Available
January - All Young
February - Maybelle Carter
March - Sailor's Hornpipe
April - Boatman
May - Green Leaf Fancy
June - Ship in the Clouds
July - Cacklin' Hen
August - and Rooster, too
September - Meriwether
October - Steamboat Around the Bend
November - Ragtime Annie
December - Skater's Waltz